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Transportation in Beijing Travel



Two airports are used for passenger delivery in Beijing, Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Beijing Capital International Airport operates most of the flights.


Beijing Capital International Airport


Beijing Capital International Airport located in Shunyi District consists of three terminals. Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport serving Beijing. As the distance between each terminal is relative far, passengers should check which terminal your flight takes off before arriving at the airport. To make passengers’ journey more convenient, shuttle buses among T1, T2 and T3 are operated.


Distance to city center: 30 km


Transportation to city center:


Airport bus

Airport buses running between Capital Airport and Beijing city center are operated each day. There are 11 airport bus routines respectively Fangzhuang, Xidan, Beijing Railway Station, Gongzhufen, Zhongguancun, Wangjing, Beijing West Railway Station, Shangdi, and Tongzhou.  One way ticket costs 16 Yuan per person, takes 1-1.5 hours to the destination.

Airport buses depart from T3, and then arrive at T2 and T1. You can take it at the terminal which your flight arrive at.



It takes about 1- 1.5 hours from airport to city center by taxi. Normally the taxi fare varies around 100 Yuan.


Airport express

It takes about 25 minutes traveling between Dongzhimen and Beijing Capital International Airport by airport express. Airport Express departing from Dongzhimen stops at Sanyuanqiao, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. But if you want to take airport express from T1, you have to firstly walk a short time to T2 because Airport Express to Sanyuanqiao and Dongzhimen only stops at T2 and T3.


Open time of Airport Express to city center:




From Dongzhimen to Airport: 06:00-22:30



Nanyuan Airport


Nanyuan Airport is located at the conjunction of Jingbeixi Road and Jingbeidong Road. Far less passengers arrive or depart from Nanyuan Airport. Airport buses from Nanyuan Airport to Xidan are operated every day.


Distance to Beijing city center: 13 km.


From Nanyuan Airport to city center:


Airport bus

Fare: 16 Yuan per person

Routine: Xidan (Minhang Mansion) - Nanyuan Airport

From Xidan to Nanyuan: 6:00 am to 19:00 pm. The frequency is less than 60 minute.

From Nanyuan to Xidan: 9:00 am to the last arrival of flight.



It costs about 80 Yuan from Nanyuan Airport to Beijing North Railway Station, 50 Yuan to Beijing South Railway Station, and 75 Yuan to Beijing Railway Station.


Railway Stations


There are 5 railway stations of Beijing in total, respectively Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, and Fengtai Railway Station.


Beijing Railway Station


Beijing Railway station situates close to Changan Avenue. Trains to Northern China, Eastern China, Northeastern China and Russia mainly depart from Beijing Railway station.

Location: 19, Maojiawan Hutong, Dongcheng District

Tel: 010-51019999


Distance to city center: 5.1km

By taxi: It costs about 30 Yuan from city center to Beijing Railway Station.

By subway: Take subway Line 2 and get off at Beijing Railway Station.


Beijing West Railway Station


Domestic trains to Southern China, Southwestern China, and Northwestern China mainly depart from Beijing West Railway Station.

Location:19, Guanglian Road, Fengtai District

Tel: 010-51861381


Distance to city center: 9.8 km

By taxi: It costs about 40 Yuan from city center to Beijing West Railway Station

By subway: Take Line 9 and get off at Beijing West Railway Station.


Shuttle bus: There are shuttle bus running between Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing International Airport. Shuttle buses stop at the north of Dafang Hotel in the South Square. One way ticket costs 16 Yuan.

From Beijing West Railway Station to Beijing Capital International Airport: 05:10 am- 21:00pm

From Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing West Railway Station: 07:20 am- 24:00pm



Beijing South Railway Station


Bullet trains to Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou mainly depart from Beijing South Railway Station.

Location: 12, Yongwai, Chongwen District

Tel: 010-51836272


Distance to city center: 15.4 km

By taxi: It costs about 55 Yuan from city center to Beijing West Railway Station

Subway: Line 4, Beijing South Railway Station


Beijing North Railway Station


Short-distance trains to the Great Wall, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei mainly depart from North Railway Station. Each day there are 7 trains departing to Badaling Great Wall (1 hour). One way ticket to Badaling Great Wall costs 14-17 Yuan.

Location: Xizhimenwai

Tel: 010-95105105


Distance to city center: 6.5 km

By taxi: It costs about 35 Yuan from city center to Beijing West Railway Station

By subway: Line 2, Line 13, Xizhimen


Tips: There are 4 railway stations in Beijing. In order to avoid getting to the wrong one, please double check the address before leaving.

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