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Yingbin Pool - Huanglong

Why is Yingbin Pool special?


Yingbin Pool is located in the Huanglong Scenic Spot, with the pools various in sizes and properly distributed. It is surrounded by mountains, grounds and towers, and the woods are thick, bosky and verdant. When entering Huanglong scenic area, visitors can see these colorful ponds at their first sights. Yinbing means to welcome the guests in Chinese, hence the name of the pool.


Yingbin Pool highlights


When the spring breeze is blowing slightly, wild flowers in the mountains all are blooming, butterflies are dancing above the flower shrubs, and the flying birds are chirping and playing. All these indicate that spring is evident in the air. The stone paths among the mountains are twisting and turning circles. Lookout pavilions add more fun to the scenery.


Every pool is so peaceful that it is as flat as a mirror. Morning halo and sunset moon, mountains and trees, all are reflecting in the pool. The flowing clouds and still water are echoing with each other at a distance. The comparison of real scene and shadow generates a lot of fun. Real mountains and rockeries, real and artificial trees, real clouds and cloudier are blending with each other and can not be told apart. People can not help enjoying this magnificent scenery before the eyes.

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