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Zhengyan Pool - Huanglong

Why is Zhengyan Pool special?


With an area of 20,000 square meters, elevation of 3,450m, and composed by 658 colorful pools, Zhengyan Pool is the second largest colorful pools cluster in Honglong Valley. It is 1,011 m up to Middle Huanglong Temple and 311 m down to Rhodendron Pool. Zhengyan Pool is also the most graceful in colorful pools cluster with the most shapes of the pools' banks, among all the colorful clusters in Huanglong Scenic Spot.


Zhengyan Pool highlights


With the differences in depth of the water, and the varieties in the plants on the banks, different colors are displaying in the colorful pools clusters: a hint of golden, a touch of emerald green, a hint of wine red and a touch of burnt orange under the sunshine.


All colorful pools are competing in splendor and beauty, while all are showing their own charms, which is dizzying. No matter in shapes, colors, characters, or other aspects, each pool among the cluster is possessed with its exclusive exoticness and gorgeousness, which seems like a beauty competition. The underwater world of the pools is more rich and colorful, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.

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