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Jiuzhaigou Attractions

  • Five Color Pool

    Ze Cha Wa Valley - Jiuzhai Valley

    Ze Cha Wa Valley stretches from Nuorilang Waterfall to Long Lake at the joint point of the park. Small but graceful Five Colored Pool is a major site in the valley. The colors of it are quite special. On the top, it is green and blue and at the bottom, it becomes orange. Read more>>
  • Nuorilang Waterfall

    Shu Zheng Valley - Jiuzhai Valley

    As the northern branch of Jiuzhai Valley, Shu Zheng Valley consists of several main attractions: Nuorilang Waterfall, Shu Zheng lakes, and Reed Lake, among which Nuorilang Waterfall is the most stunning Read more>>
  • Jiuzhai Valley

    Ri Ze Valley - Jiuzhai Valley

    Rize Valley is the south-west branch of the Jiuzhaigou valley system and ranges over 18 kilometers from Nuorilang Waterfall to Virgin Forest, which is a pristine woodland. Seeing the luxuriantly green trees, walking on thick and soft lichens, you will find that you are coming into a new isolated wor... Read more>>
  • Zhengyan Pool

    Zhengyan Pool - Huanglong

    Composed by 658 colorful pools, Zhengyan Pool is also the most graceful in pools cluster with the most shapes of the pools' banks, among all the colorful clusters in Huanglong Scenic Spot. Read more>>
  • Yingbin Pool

    Yingbin Pool - Huanglong

    Yingbin Pool is a cluster of colorful ponds located in the Huanglong Scenic Spot. It is surrounded by mountains, grounds and towers, and the woods are thick, bosky and verdant. Read more>>
  • Mirror Like Pool

    Mirror-like Reflecting Pool - Huanglong

    Mirror-like Reflecting Pool is a pools cluster with over 80 pools, big and small. With the pool closely next to the forest, the scenery is magnificent and spectacular, peaceful, simple and elegant. Read more>>
  • Huanglong Cave

    Huanglong Cave - Huanglong

    Huanglong Cave is an underground karst cave featuring the grand view of various stalactites and three Buddha figures. The cave is a rare treasure for the exploration of natural view and the mysterious religions. Read more>>
  • Five Color Pool

    Five-color Pool - Huanglong

    Five-color Pool is the largest colorful pools cluster lying in Huanglong Scenic Area. This colorful pools cluster is also an open-air travertine one, being the largest in scale, and highest in elevation in the world. Read more>>
  • Huanglong Temple

    Huanglong Temple - Huanglong

    Ancient Huanglong Temple was constructed in the Ming Dynasty. The temple highlights a combination of splendid natural view and rich religious culture integrating Taoism and Buddhism. Read more>>
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