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Huanglong Temple - Huanglong

Why is Huanglong Temple special?


Ancient Huanglong Temple was constructed in the Ming Dynasty. It is a temple complex 3.5 km away from the entrance of Huanglong Valley, with three temples in front, middle and back originally. But the front temple is left as relics only.


The temple highlights a combination of splendid natural view and rich religious culture integrating Taoism and Buddhism. On the 15th of every sixth lunar month, the day when the yellow dragon was said to achieve his Buddha hood, a big temple fair is held in the rear temple.


Huanglong Temple highlights




Middle Huanglong Temple, with an area of 500 square meters, was founded in the Ming Dynasty. It belongs to temple of Buddhism, and is divided into five halls, named as Lingguan, Maitreya, Vaisravana, Big Buddha and Avalokiteshvara respectively. Their primitive simplicity and magnificence show the features of religious culture integrating Taoism and Buddhism in Huanglong Scenic Spot.


2.5 km away from Middle Huanglong Temple is Back Huanglong Temple. The temple was constructed following the trend of the mountains, with its unique style. Under the back temple is a karst cave - Huanglong Cave. Three ancient Buddha statues made of natural travertine can be found here, which are known as the rare treasures for the exploration of mystery of religions.



Huanglong Temple Fair


Every year from June 13 to 15 in lunar calendar, Huanglong tourism comes to its peak period - Huanglong Temple Fair. Near Ancient Huanglong Temple, there is the snow-covered Yucui Mountain and the peak - Xuebaoding. There is an open and wide land with some ten thousand square kilometers in front of the temple, for the annual temple fair.


During the temple affair, pilgrims, retailers, and tourists are gathering here, and religious people from surrounding areas in several hundred radiuses such as Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, and other provinces, are in gala dress. Bringing with tents, cooking utensils, as well as good wines and delicacies, they tramp over hills and dales in groups to Huanglong Temple on time to burn incense and worship the gods, pray and fulfill their promise to gods, and pilgrimage around the mountain.


In the period of the fair, people share everything with each other, regardless of the genders and nationalities, and those who come first will be hosts and who come later will be guests. Tourists from other places will be treated as distinguished guests, and are invited to tents warmly to have picnic. Hosts lift their cups with both hands to the foreheads, presenting their pure and sincerity respectfully. It is an ambience that is full of harmony and friendliness, unity and kindness.


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