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Ri Ze Valley - Jiuzhai Valley

Why is Ri Ze Valley special?


Ri Ze Valley is the western fork of the upside-down “Y” that represents the main tri-valley system of Jiuzhai Valley. It is roughly the same length as Ze Cha Wa Valley. Ri Ze Valley describes a series of smooth “S” curves along its south-north section as it snakes its way northward. It is undoubtedly the highlight of Jiuzhai Valley, featuring magnificent and ever-changing scenery. Travelers will encounter many beautiful sites in this valley:


Ri Ze Valley highlights


Grass Lake


The long belt shaped, semi-swamp Grass Lake is perhaps the shallowest, and for its size, the most elongated of Ri Ze Valley’s lakes. It is tucked under deep cliffs. Being a cool, shady lake, Grass Lake attracts many diverse waterfowl, which also adds to the picturesque beauty of the lake.


Swan Lake


Swan Lake has one foot in the primeval forest to which it is a neighbor, as it were. It lies in the dense fir woods of Ri Ze Valley. The lake is called Swan Lake for that migrating swans frequent the lake, returning year after year to perform the annual mating and nest-building rituals that ensure that there will be swans swimming about in Swan Lake for years to come.


Virgin Forest


About 52% area of Jiuzhai Valley is covered by virgin forest and the forest at the top of Ri Ze Valley is part of it. Virgin Forest is a pristine woodland. Seeing the luxuriantly green trees, walking on thick and soft lichens, smelling the fragrant and moist air, and listening to the sound of wind and bird-song, you will find that you are coming into a new isolated world.


Panda Lake


It is named Panda Lake because giant pandas were said to have come to this lake to drink and play, although pandas have not been spotted in this area for many years. The 4-meter-deep waters are pure and clear. Panda Lake is at its most kaleidoscopically beautiful on fine days when the blue skies above are dotted with large, white, popcorn-shaped fluffy clouds, and the blue sky and white clouds are mirrored in the lake.


Five Flower Lake


Five Flower Lake is a classic travertine pool that displays a myriad of bright colors. The colours are formed by unevenly distributed submerged plants, causing the bottom of the pool to appear in a variety of shades of yellows, blues and greens. Five Flower Lake tend to be most picturesque during autumn, of which reflections are a spectacular display of nature.


Peacock Riverbed


Peacock River is the river that runs the length of the base of Ri Ze Valley, meaning that it of course flows through all of the lakes of Ri Ze Valley. The water of the river is as transparent as untainted glass, and since the riverbed in many places consists of travertine, the Peacock River struts its colors like a peacock struts its tail feathers. Thanks to its excellent mirroring properties, Peacock River is at their enchanting best during autumn, showing off the beauty of Ri Ze Valley like no other season can, even if the spring is bursting with the energy and excitement of renewed life.

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