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Jiuzhaigou Travel Season Tips

Elevated at a height of about 3,000 meters (about 9843 feet), Jiuzhaigou is influenced by the typical highland humid climate. The total annual rainfall is 761mm but in the cloud forest between 2,700m and 3,500m, with minimum 1,000mm. Jiuzhaigou is famous for its splendid natural beauty as well as for its pleasant weather. It has lots of sunny days, cool summer and less wind in winter, with favorable conditions for tourism, sightseeing and holidays.


Generally, from April to November is the peak season for traveling in Jiuzhaigou. Among these months, September, October and November are best months for visit Jiuzhaigou. At this time, the water resource is very adequate, lots of waterfalls and brook here and there. Besides, winter also can be a good season for appreciating snow views of Jiuzhaigou. However during this time, whether you could go to Jiuzhaigou or not depends on the weather, no flights will be served because of the snow days.


Spring gets a little warmer compared to winter days but still cold in Jiuzhaigou. The average temperature in spring is 9 °C (48 °F) to 18 °C (64 °F). Recovering from the cold winter, Jiuzhaigou Valley still has a lower temperature and colder weather with frozen wind and snow before April. So we strongly recommend you bring some warm coats with you. With the warmer April and May, Jiuzhaigou will become more and more crowded in this period.


Summer in Jiuzhaigou is colored by green. The mountains, the trees, and the rivers are range from light green to deep green. It is cool and sunny with an average temperature around 20°C. But the ultraviolet radiation is strong and we recommend that you bring sunglasses and sunscreen. During this time, Jiuzhaigou is in the rainy season. Summer is a best time to take photos after rains.


In autumn, it is very comfortable and pleasant. The average temperature is 8°C (46°F) ~ 18°C (64°F). Besides yellow leaves in autumn, the colorful trees reflected on the lakes make Jiuzhaigou as a fairy land on the earth. Also the good weather in the whole period ensures that you will have a joyful Jiuzhaigou tour.


Winter in Jiuzhaigou is quite cold since it is located in a comparative remote area. It is a place with annual snowy time. When travel to Jiuzhaigou in winter, be careful about the extremely cold weather. You’ll need silk long johns and down jackets for winter.

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