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Huanglong Cave - Huanglong

Why is Huanglong Cave special?


Huanglong Cave is seated on the left side of the mountain gate of the Ancient Huanglong Temple. It is 30 m in height, 20 m in width, 50 m in length, with the total area of more than one thousand square meters. The depth of the cave has been unable to verify so far. This cave is an important evidence for the investigation to the religious development in northwestern Sichuan Province.


Huanglong Cave is also named as "Returning to Nature Cave" and "Buddha Cave", because three Buddha statues built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644) can be found here, which are known as the rare treasures for the exploration of mystery of religions.


Huanglong Cave highlights


Entrance of the Cave: The entrance of Huanglong Cave is only 2 meters in area. For caving vertically, tourists can only go down to the cave by virtue of tens of timber ladders. When hundreds of flowers are in full bloom in spring, the entrance is set off by flower sea. At the entrance, there is a pipe, with powerful scale-like trunk and tortuous branches. In winter, earth is clad with silvery white snow, and the pipe is just a silvery dragon flying to the sky.


Karst Cave: Huanglong Cave is actually an underground karst cave. It is so quiet and secluded in the cave that only the piano-like drip and low and dull voice of the underground river flowing can be heard. Their chorus seems like a piece of background music from ancient times. Stalactites can be found everywhere in the cave. People will feel mysterious, holy and saint at their various gestures and shapes. Even in summer, tourists will feel chill in the cave.


Figures of Buddha: Figures of Buddha is the most sacred site of Huanglong Cave. There are three ancient Buddha figures in the cave, sitting with their legs crossing, cultivating themselves facing the wall, with the holy Lotus Lamp. It is said that when it came to temple fair, there was hot air at the chests of the Buddha figures. There are two vivid flying dragons of natural formation, whose lines are smooth. There are many images of Bodhisatta, which are vivid both in appearance and spirit. The whole karst cave is densely covered by numerous sheets and stone waterfalls which are exquisite and delicate. The glittering and translucent color and luster create the cave with marvelous and inscrutable mood, which arouses the limitless imagination.

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