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Five-color Pool - Huanglong

Why is Five-Color Pool special?


Lying in the place of 3,576 meters in elevation, with the total area of 21,000 square meters, Five-color Pool is the largest colorful pools cluster lying in the Huanglong scenic area, composed of 693 colorful pools. This colorful pools cluster is also an open-air travertine one, being the largest in scale, and highest in elevation in the world.


Five-Color Pool highlights


Five-color Pool, low in banks, is well arranged and noted for the most graceful, bright and distinct colors. Cobbles on the bottom shape in prisms of clearly visible chromatism between texture and water plants. Water in the pools overflows, which makes all the colorful pools look like pieces of azure green jade plates at a distance.


In the sunshine, for various colors of different shades, and being riotous with white, purple, blue, and green colors, these pools are extremely beautiful, delicate and charming. In midwinter, the colorful pools, set off by pure snow white, are still as blue as jade, and are strange and fantastic.


With the various shapes of pool's dams, arc, fan-shaped, skirt-shaped ones, etc. scattering irregularly and stacking up-forward, this colorful pools cluster seems to be a three-dimensional painting of the "Jade Pool in the World", and generates a silent love poem in Holy Wonderland naturally.


Legend has it that the pond was where Goddess Semo washed and combed her hair and God Dage came everyday to bring her water. After a considerable period of time, 189 stone steps were formed because they were coming up and going down, and, Semo's rouge came off from her pretty face and colorized this pond. People in love believe that, if they walk down the steps to the side of the pond and make a vow to Heaven, and then walk up along the 189 steps back, they will certainly lead a happy married life.

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