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Jiuzhaigou Shopping Tips

What to buy


Chinese medical herbs

Jiuzhaigou is a plant kingdom. The medicinal materials are varied such as Hou Pu, Du Zhong, Himalayan mayapple, caragana, cuckoopint, silverberry, bezoar and toadstool, etc. Jiuzhaigou is also one of major places to grow medical herbs that are used to cure people’s illnesses in Jiuzhaigou. The famous and rare herbs include: angelica, aweto, saffron, vermiculate thamnolia thallus, and so on.




Thangka, also known as Thang-ga and Tangka, is a Tibetan silk painting with embroidery, usually concerned with Buddhist themes in Tibet. Thangka is the pronunciation of the Tibetan language, meaning scroll painting. Thangka is very famous local product in Jiuzhaigou.


Qiang Embroideries

Tourists can also buy Qiang embroidery as souvenir. Qiang Embroideries are great folk handiworks. This embroidery skill prevails in regions where Qinag Race inhabits such as Wenchuan, Maoxian County and so on. For generations, Tibetans have inhabited Jiuzhai Valley. They are happy to share their beautiful native arts and handcrafts with people from all over the world. Now, many Qiang people still wear traditional embroidered costumes. Typical works of the Qiang embroidery are Yunyun shoes and embroidered aprons which are worthwhile to buy as souvenirs.


Tibetan Knives

Tibetan knives are necessary tools for Tibetan race of Jiuzhaigou. The Tibetan knives, featuring unique and folk styles and shapes, enjoy high reputation both home and abroad. Tibetan knives are indispensable tools for Tibetan race. The knives are separated into such three kinds: long broadswords, coutels and penknives, according to their length. The long broadswords can reach one meter. Coutels are about 40 cm and penknives about 10 cm. Tibetan knives are forged by steels with sharp edge and polished faces. The hilts of knives are decorated with gems and agates. For foreign tourists, you'd better not buy Tibetan knives because they are not allowed to consign at the airport.


Where to buy


Pengfengcun Out of Jiuzhaigou

Pengfengcun is the nearest Tibetan village out of Jiuzhaigou, which is on the right of the entrance. It will take about 5 minutes by bus or taxi from Pengfengcun to Jiuzhaigou entrance. Pengfengcun is a good place for shopping. There are all kinds of small stores or shops, restaurants and hotels as well.


Jiuzhaigou Bian Bian Jie (the Riverside Street of Jiuzhaigou)

Bian Bian Jie is a special riverside street about 1km far away from Jiuzhaigou entrance. Bian Bian Jie is a new star in Jiuzhaigou and even in China. This street wandering along a small and clean river and itself is a dainty view. Placing yourself in this street you will find endless delight. You can enjoy your cozy time in auberges.


Jiuzhaigou Shuzhengzhai

Jiuzhaigou Shuzheng Gully is the biggest and busiest village among all the nine villages in Jiuzhaigou. 40% Jiuzhaigou residents inhabit in Shuzhengzhai. This folk culture village is an ideal place for shopping since prices are cheaper than those in Nuorilang Tourism Shopping Center inside the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot.

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