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Jiuzhaigou Food

Yak meat

The meat of yak after pickled can be made into dishes and snacks. Preserved in sauce and other ingredients, yak meat is cut into slices and prepared as a salad with hot pepper powder, good to go with liquor. Jiuzhaigou processing factory produces and vacuum-packs the fast-food yak meat for your convenience as a gift for friends and relatives. The stir-fried yak meat is a popular dish in Jiuzhaigou. Yak meat in this dish looks hard, but the taste in fact is tender and yummy.




Zanba is the stable and the most important diet of the Tibetans. Zanba looks like mainland China fried wheat flour, prepared with main ingredients of barley flour as well as pea and oat powder. Tibetans bring the Zanba cake wherever they go, to farm, to graze and to travel. It is a convenient fast food, especially welcomed in sparsely populated and fuel-scarce areas. White potato Zanba is one of the most special foods of Jiuzhaigou. It is difficult to find the white potato Zanba from hotels, but you can find them from street booths.


Butter tea

Tibetan cannot live without tea. Tea can be processed into many different styles. The most popular tea in Tibet is butter tea, sweet tea and pure tea. The main ingredients of butter tea are butter and milk as well as walnut kernel, peanut and sesame, egg and salt. Being stirred in a barrel and mixed with boiled tea and brawn- red coloring matter. After being stirred for a few seconds, a fragrant barrel of buttered tea is ready. The Tibetan butter tea can alleviate the effect of altitude. No matter guests from faraway or familiar friends, the hosts will send you a cup of butter as soon as you enter the house.


Qingke barley liquor

It is an indispensable drink of Tibetans, also serves as a treat at big occasions and for guests. To make this liquor, wash and steam Qingke barley, and then ferment it for a couple of days. When it appears yellowish and tastes sweet, it is ready to drink. It is also called the Tibetan beer.


Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto in Jiuzhaigou

Early from Ming Dynasty, Sichuan people had created medicinal food. The medicinal food is not as bitter as the medicine. However, it has the same function as the medicine. In this way, the medicinal food becomes acceptable food and medicine popular in both palace and civil tables. The Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto is one of the medicinal dishes. Stewed Whole Duch with Aweto is made of costly Chinese traditional medicine-aweto and old whole duck. After getting rid of duck harslet and clean it, using a nibbed chopstick to prick many apertures in length of 3 to 5 centimeters. Then foist the awetos with the worm part into apertures. At last, stew the duck together with walnut kernel and medlar, and also together with other ingredients for one to two hours. Stewed Whole Duck with Aweto is not only palatable but also the choice cordial.


Blood Sausage

Many people like to make the pig or sheep blood into soup. But Tibetan of Jiuzhaigou does not have the pig or sheep blood by just boiling them. What they do is to fill them in small intestines to make into sausages. In Jiuzhaigou, the blood sausage is not only filled with blood but also other ingredients such as yak meat, spices and seasonings. The blood sausage belongs to top grade recipes among Tibetan cookbook. And the Tibetan people often use it to entertain VIP guests. Blood sausage boasts high status in Tibetan food. Blood sausages are full of nutrition and tender in taste with faint scent.

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