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Mirror-like Reflecting Pool - Huanglong

Why is Mirror-like Reflecting Pool special?


Mirror-like Reflecting Pool is a pools cluster with over 80 pools, big and small. With the pool closely next to the forest, the scenery is magnificent and spectacular, peaceful, simple and elegant. An ethereal and timeless interest will arise spontaneously.


Mirror-like Reflecting Pool highlights


The pool surface is bright and clean as a mirror, and the water is clear, lustrous and transparent. Brightness of sky, shadows of the clouds, peaks of the snow mountains, and dense forests are reflecting in the pool. The image of the reflection is distinct and the color and luster are gorgeous.


In the rosy dawns, the lake is as smooth as a mirror and blue sky, white clouds, the mountains far away and trees nearby can all be seen reflected in the pool. What is more wonderful is that you can see the conjured images that the fish are swimming in the sky and the birds are flying in the pool!


If lodge in the temple and make a night tour, you will find that the pools and the moon are reflecting each other; that heaven and earth, as well as beautiful day and night are rolling into a view; and that the landscape of lakes and mountains is magnificent and beautiful. All these views are very indescribable and poetic.


Reflections in the Mirror-like Reflecting Pool are various in four seasons, for the seasonal aspects change of the woods on the banks of the pool. They are elegant in spring and summer, and the blush is appearing on the surface in autumn. Sometimes, they are shy and peevish, but sometimes bright and beautiful with purplish red, which adds a lot of fun to the scenic area.

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