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Beihai Garden Expo Park

Beihai Garden Expo Park is located in Yinhai District, Beihai City. The park was completed and opened on May 10, 2014, covering an area of 1,135 acres. With the theme of "Flower Sea • Green City", Beihai Garden Expo is the venue of the 4th Guangxi Garden Expo opened in 2014. It is the core component of the city's greening. The Beihai Expo Park highlights the historical and coastal cultural characteristics of Beihai’s city development. It is an eco-tourism complex combining the venue park, gardening expo, ecological amusement, folk custom experience and characteristic industry base. 
The park enriches Beihai City’s culture and adds the charm of Beihai. The park is also Beihai's new tourism landmark as well as an important window to show the image of Beihai City.
Main attractions of Beihai Garden Expo Park
The Beihai Garden Expo Park has the outdoor exhibition gardens, including Guangxi's urban garden exhibition garden, ASEAN countries garden exhibition garden, outstanding garden masters garden, corporation exhibition gardens, etc. The indoor exhibition gardens exhibit garden planning works, new plant varieties, bonsai, flower arrangement, calligraphy, photography, stones and etc. There are also various activities about horticulture held in the park.
Stepping into Beihai Garden Expo from the main entrance, there is a square with a grand bronze sculpture that looks like a beautiful phoenix. The Fengqing Water Street on the left is a good place to enjoy the night view of the fountain. The main venue on the right has exhibition halls of various cities in Guangxi, presenting the representative folk customs.
Walking along the Huahai Road, you will come to the Beihai Impression Exhibition Area, where you can enjoy the beauty of the local plants and flowers in Beihai City.
Passing through the exhibition area, you will see the main logo of Beihai Garden Expo standing majestically. The beautiful sea of flowers and fountains is even more stunning and attractive.
When you reach to the end of the central axis, you will come to Happy Waterfront, where many leisure and entertainment facilities are equipped.
Flower Fishing Bay is located at the southern part of the park. Tourists could enjoy the performances with Beihai folk customs here, which is very wonderful and splendid.

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