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Wenchang Pagoda

The Wenchang Pagoda or Wenchang Tower is also known as the Wenbi Pagoda. It stands about three kilometers from Beihai’s Hepu County. The construction of the pagoda dates back to the year 1584 in the Ming Dynasty. The pagoda is 36 meters high and 2.6 meters wide. It is said that a seven-tier hollow Wenchang Pagoda could bring scholarly honor and advancement in one's career. The pagoda is majestic and grand. It has also become another landmark in Hepu County. 
History of Wenchang Pagoda
Just like other similar pagodas, the name of Wenchang Pagoda was given to pray for civilized children. 'Wen', written in Chinese, means knowledge and 'Chang' means prosperous. When the two worlds combined, a complex meaning as prosperous and profound knowledge is made. 
It is now one of the most important and leading pagodas in South Guangxi, which could assist people to understand the traditional culture and architectural mechanics in the ancient times. On the top of the pagoda, people can have a wonderful panoramic view of Beihai City.
Wenchang Pagoda was built in 1584. It has experienced five times renovations during the Qing Dynasty but still maintained the original appearance. 
Features of Wenchang Pagoda
Wenchang pagoda has the pavilion-style construction features, which is a seven-storied octagonal building. It has many small doors but only the doors facing east and west are used for the ventilation purpose. The rest serve as the decorative artificial purposes. There are stairs spiraling up inside the pagoda. The stair reduces in width from the base in six further tiers, like seven inverted lotus flowers. 

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