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Dongpo Pavilion

Dongpo Pavilion is situated on the campus of Hepu Normal School in Hepu County, Beihai City. Dongpo Pavilion was built in memory of Su Dongpo, a famous poet of the Song Dynasty (960-1127). It has the beautiful natural scenery with green water and lush plants. The pavilion has become a key tourist attraction in Beihai.
History of Dongpo Pavilion
According to legend, Su Dongpo lived in Qinglexuan in Hepu in 1100 AD of Song Dynasty. Although Su Dongpo had lived here for just a short time, he still wrote dozens of articles and poems about the life of the locals and his mood at that time. To commemorate him, the local people built the Dongpo Pavilion at the former site of Qinglexuan.
According to the historical records, it is hard to tell the exact date when the pavilion was originally constructed. However it had been rebuilt in 1776 and repaired for several times in the following 200 years. In 1912 an explosion razed it to the ground and the pavilion was rebuilt about six years later. It suffered a fatal damage one more time and was reconstructed again in 1944 on the site, which is the one people see today.
Features of Dongpo Pavilion
The pavilion has the brick and wooden structure, with a construction area of 160 square meters. The name is inscribed on a wooden panel hanging on the door lintel of the building. Entering the pavilion, people will immediately see Su Dongpo's stone portrait on the front wall. The status is charitable, serene and solemn. The poems he wrote are in display to the left of the portrait. 
On east of the pavilion, there is a well. The water is crystal clear and a bit sweet. It is said that the well was dug by Su Dongpo himself and that the water had special powers. Legend has it that people who drank from the well were able to successfully pass imperial examinations.
Inside and outside of the pavilion, there are also inlaid with many inscriptions praising Su Dongpo by other famous celebrities from different dynasties.
In the east of the pavilion is the Dongpo Park. There is a wonderful lake in the park. The surface of the lake sparkles in the sunlight and the weeping willows swing gently with the breeze.

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