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Guantou Ridge

Guantou Ridge is located at the western end of Beihai City, 8 kilometers away from the city center. It covers an area of 245.7 hectares. The ridge is 3 kilometers long, looking like a green dragon lying on the southwestern end of the city. It is composed of the main peak Wanglou Ridge, Fengmen Ridge, Yaji Ridge, Tianma Ridge and other mountain groups. The northeast of Guantou Ridge extends to the southern foot of Shibu Ridge and joins into Shibu and Dijiao Ridges.
The shape of the ridge looks like a crown, hence the name. The main peak is 120 meters high, which is a good place to enjoy the amazing scenery of sunrise and sunset, sea waves and twinkling lights in the evening. There are the sea-eroded steep rocks on the side of the sea, scattered and unique in various shapes.
The main body of the mountain is sandstone while the western foothills were eroded into the steep walls by the waves. Under the rocks, the surging waves are hitting the shore and the tide sounds like the thunder.
Seafood is a must-try in Beihai. The seafood of Guantou Ridge area is cheaper and fresher than that of Beihai’s urban area. There are many small restaurants of the local villagers on the beach. It is much pleasant and at ease while listening to the sound of the sea and tasting the fresh seafood at the same time. 
Development process of Guantou Ridge
Guantou Ridge was once a coastal defense fortress in history. During the Ming Dynasty, in order to prevent pirates from attacks, a fort was set on the side of the main peak which still remains today. The height of the lighthouse on the top of the mountain has been increased over the years. After 1949, the green coverage of the mountain increased. Now Guantouling has become a national forest park. In 1988, the Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of Guantou Ridge Forest Park. Covering over 3,000 acres, the forest park mainly includes masson pine trees as the main tree species. 

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