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Nanwan Seafood Market

The market is located in Weizhou Island. Once you enter the market, you can see the villagers are selling the local food, fruit and seafood. The price of the seafood is quite fluctuated which depends on the season. If you don’t know how to choose the fresh one, you can ask the villagers to help you. After buying the living seafood, the restaurants nearby can help visitors to cook, you can choose to stem or fry the seafood, or you may even ask the cook to make some seafood soup.


Transportation: The market is very accessible as you can take a cab or even ride a bike to the market. Some visitors choose to go there on foot if their accommodation is near the market.


Beihai Night Market

Some local snacks and handwork are famous in Beihai, such as sea shell and pearl handicraft. The price of the goods is cheaper than the other tourist attractions; therefore it is called “the shopping paradise of pearl” in Beihai. It is a great place to purchase souvenirs for friends and families. Be aware of the opening time, as it is a night market, the opening hour is 18:00-23:30.



Bus: No.6(Hualian Mansion); No.9(Xinli Shopping Center)

Taxi: Tell the driver to take you to the “Qidongyeshi”(Qidong night market)


Beihai Business Center

If you are looking for a concentrated shopping area, Beihai Business Center is a great place since there are various types of shops, including shops that selling pearls which of high quality, such as “Nanzhugong”, a reputable shop in Beihai. Also, shops that sell handiwork and seafood can also be found. The business center is located in the Northern Bay Road, which is quite accessible.

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