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Beihai Travel Season Tips

(1) Best travel season

Beihai is located in the south subtropical zone. Under the maritime influence, the weather is mild and suitable for vacation. Extreme weather, such as frost and heatwave, are uncommon in this coastal city. As the weather is rather stable, it’s seldom chilly or stifling.


We recommend you to have your trip during April to November since the temperature of the water is suitable for swimming. Meanwhile, with sufficient sunlight, you can enjoy the sunset in a breezy weather. In contrast, the temperature of the seawater is low during December to March, which is unsuitable for water sports.


(2) Temperature and precipitation


Summer in Beihai is between May and October, therefore the precipitation is higher, which can up to 225mm monthly. Also, the temperature is relatively higher, it may up to 30oC. Hence, if you are going to visit Beihai during these few months, please take enough precautions.

(3) Festival

A. Yifan Festival

Month: November

Introduction: Yifan Festival is the most important festival in Guangxi. Mulao people will wish for good fortune and pray to the ancestors. They believe the ancestors will be their protectors who secure their lives and harvest.


To show their respect, the villagers will offer food to the ancestors while having the ceremony, such as pork, pig head, pig tails and pig organs. Meanwhile, the priest will lead the villagers to sing and dance.


B. Firecracker Festival

Month: March

Introduction: Celebrating Firecracker Festival is the tradition of the Dong people, which is a competitive sports festival. The firecrackers are made of iron and gunpowder. When the game starts, the participants have to fight over the firecracker. The one who can win the game signify that he is blessed by the God.


C. Beihai International Pearl Festival

Month: October

Introduction: Beihai International Pearl Festival is a large-scale cultural festival which organized by the local government in Beihai. It aims at promoting the local pearls and the traditional culture of Beihai. Beihai pearls are in high quality due to its locational advantages, hence they get the fantastic name - “South Pearls”. 


D.  Bronze Drum Festival

Month: February

Introduction: Bronze Drum symbolizes power, wealth and social status in Beihai’s tradition. The men will lift and beat the drum while walking up to the mountain in order to show their respect to the ancestors. After hanging the drum on the wood frame, a competition of drum-beating will be held.

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