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Beihai Ocean Window

Beihai Ocean Window is situated on the shore of the beautiful Beihai Bay in China. It covers an area of 2.1 hectares, with the construction area of 18,100 square meters. It consists of mysterious ocean, time tunnel, Coral Sea, Cape of sea, dreamlike ocean, ocean resource hall, Marine Silk road, Zhenghe Western Ocean, geographic discovery, ocean theatre, coastal landscape, jellyfish palace, shellfish culture and Nanzhu culture and 4D cinema, altogether 16 themed sections. 
Main attractions of Beihai Ocean Window
Coral Sea is the largest and most complete living coral exhibition tank in the world. It is 28 meters long and 3 meters high. The advanced coral cultivation technology in China shows 156 species of the colorful corals from all over the world. People can enjoy the mysterious and gorgeous living corals here. At the same time, the exhibition tank simulates the coral’s ecological environment and shows more than 300 tropical ornamental fish. The total water volume of the exhibition tank exceeds 1,000 tons.
Ocean Theatre Exhibition Hall is at present the largest aquarium exhibition tank in China, with the largest diameter of 11 meters and the deepest height of 13 meters. The tank weighs for more than 1,000 tons. People can appreciate the wonderful performances of professional actors and sharks dancing together, and feel the harmony between man and nature.
Jellyfish comes from the ancient oceans, which originates from the ancient oceans 650 million years ago. Dream Jellyfish Palace is currently the largest jellyfish exhibition area in China, where you will be shocked by its graceful and dreamlike charm.
Time Tunnel has the only fluorescent handmade murals in China, which were painted by Mr. Yuyama, a famous Japanese fluorescent painter. The whole mural depicts the formation, development and future reverie of the ocean. If you turn off the fluorescent lamp, the mural will turn into a white wall without seeing anything. But when you turn on the lamp, the mural is vivid and distinct.
Shellfish Area contains more than 600 species, more than 7000 colorful and rare shellfish in the world. 
Dynamic 4D Cinema at present, has the most advanced special films in the world, where people can not only watch the film, but also immerse yourself in the film.

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