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Crocodile Mountain

Crocodile Mountain is located in the west part of Weizhou Island, about 4 kilometers away from Beihai’s city center. Here you can see the most complete relics of the volcanic activities. Geographically, the shape of the mountain looks like a huge crocodile lying on the coast, hence the name. 
Features of Crocodile Mountain
Tourists could enjoy the views of the volcanic crater, volcanic rocks, platform, tropical plants and the ocean landscapes together in the mountain. Climb to the top of the mountain, the amazing ocean and the rocks along the beach can give you a really different view from the mainland. When you walk along the beach, you would find thousands of hundreds of the volcanic rocks in different shapes because of the water erosion. 
The Crocodile Mountain Scenic Area includes: Crocodile Mountain Lighthouse, Tangweng Terrace, Volcanic Crater Site, Dragon Palace Exploration, Turtle Cave, Zeilao Cave, Sea Corroded Arch Bridge, Moon Bay, Coral Sedimentary Rock, Sea Dry Rock, Moon Square, etc. There are also the geological wonders such as ancient tree fossils, water curtain caves, sea erosion pillars, and sea erosion piers. 
Crocodile Mountain Lighthouse is the guardian lamp of the fishermen. Ascend to the observation deck on the top of the lighthouse, which is also the highest point of the whole island, you will see the blue and boundless coast as well as d the whole city of Beihai. Walk along the wooden stairs on the left to the mountain foot, you can see the Volcanic Crater Site. It is one of the five volcanic craters on Weizhou Island. The last eruption happened 10,000 years ago. At that time, the erupted magma covered the whole coast and formed the brown-red volcanic rocks.
Not far away is a Sea Corroded Pit. The brown-red rocks on the right are very high including the Turtle Cave. The Zeilao Cave is a small hole hidden in the bushes among the rocks. Below the cave is a huge Sea Corroded Pit. If the tide is low, you can try to pick up some coral remains.
The Sea Eroded Arch Bridge is the result of the sea-eroded caves that have been washed and weathered for a long time. Near the bridge is the volcanic rock area on the island, which is very spectacular. The Moon Bay at the back is an arc-shaped sea cliff with a height of 40 meters and a width of more than 100 meters. The top of the cliff is covered with cacti.

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