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Golden Bay Mangrove

Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourism Area is located in Yinhai District, Beihai City. It is 15 kilometers southwest to the downtown Beihai, with more than 200 hectare’s mangrove forests and more than 100 types of the mangrove animals. The scenic area spans about 20 square kilometers. It reflects China's rich coastal wetland customs and fishing culture.
The mangroves in the scenic area belong to the Sandy mangroves, covering more than 2,000 acres. The sandy land of the Bay is flat. The plentiful sunshine and rainfalls of the Beihai City are quite suitable for the growth of mangrove. 
The mangrove forest prevents and reduces the red tide effectively as well as promotes the growth and reproduction of the marine life. The mangrove forest is a natural barrier to protect the seawall. Also, the local people could get rich marine products from the mangrove forest, and they could also breed duck, shrimp, crab and shell in the mangrove forest.
In the Golden Beach Area, there are endless charming beaches, between the lush mangrove forests and the vast sea. The beaches of Golden Bay are wide and pure with fine sands, presenting a completely different style. The stunning beach looks like a golden ribbon of the sea from a distance. The Golden Beach stretches for more than 20 miles. 
In the Main Park Area, there is the large and lush casuarina forest. From a distance, it looks like a jade belt inlaid on the Golden Bay. Casuarina is an evergreen plant with a height of up to 30 meters. The tree grows quickly with strong wind resistance abilities. It is excellent for wind prevention and solidification. Under the shade of the trees, people can lie on the comfortable beach chairs, enjoying the sea breeze and appreciating the sea views leisurely. In addition, the interesting entertainment projects such as card tables, mahjong tables, beach volleyball courts, barbecue pits, camping tents and lounge chairs could meet various needs from different people.
Besides the mangrove, people could experience boat-based fisher life here. There is a folk park displaying the history, fishing tools and boats, wedding cultures and customs of the fishermen. Tourists could also have a chance to gather seafood on the beach like a fisherman when the tide is ebbing in Ganhai Area. 

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