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Shiluokou Beach

Shiluokou Beach is located on the western coast of Beihai’s Weizhou Island, where the sea is very clear and the sandy beach is wide and extremely soft. Here, you can rent a lounge chair to relax in the sea breeze, swim in the sea, ride a motorcycle or go diving. Watching the sunrise or the sunset here is also a popular choice for visitors.
The water at Shiluokou Beach is as clear as a mirror, which becomes the best place on Weizhou Island to appreciate the colorful coral world under the sea. The coastal volcanic rocks and sea-eroded rocks are strange and unique. For thousands of years, the Wangfu Stone has been telling the story of the beautiful young woman waiting for her husband’s return from a long voyage. The shadows of the fishing boats shine on the sea and the curved sandy beach slowly stretches into the sea. 
Shiluokou Beach is also a good place for diving. Here you can invite the professional diving instructors to learn snorkeling, you can also the play jet skis or beach motorcycles. Renting a boat to experience the short life of fishermen also brings an unforgettable experience. 
Shiluokou Beach has good sand quality. A part of the beach is densely packed with the coral stones and broken shells, which are shining and extremely white under the sunlight. 
In addition, there are some local small restaurants around the beach, where you can taste the barbecue and seafood. The local fishermen often sell the fresh seafood on the beach, which are fresh and cheap. It is a paradise for the seafood lovers. 

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