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Beihai Travel Overview

Beihai, a coastal city which is located in the southern part of Guangxi while its Chinese name means the “north of the sea”. The reason for having this contradictory name is that Beihai used to be an important port for Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Yunnan. Hence, it gradually turned into a thriving seaport on the north shore of the Gulf of Tonkin. Today, many visitors come and have a stroll on the sandy beach.

There are numerous well-known attractions in Beihai, ranging from Beihai Silver B...
  • How to Arrange Your Beihai Trip
    Recommended itinerary Beihai 3 days tour Day1: Beihai Old Street, Beihai Silver Beach, Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Day2: Weizhou island(Wucai beach, Nanwan Seafood Market) Day3: Weizhou island(Crocodile Mountain, Catholic church, Dishuidanping, Shi...
  • Beihai Travel Season Tips
    (1) Best travel season Beihai is located in the south subtropical zone. Under the maritime influence, the weather is mild and suitable for vacation. Extreme weather, such as frost and heatwave, are uncommon in this coastal city. As the weather is ra...
  • Transportation
    Due to the technological advancement, Beihai is very accessible nowadays. Visitors can go there by air. Also, the urban planning is mature that travelers can go to various attractions simply by train and buses. Airport Beihai Fucheng Airport Bei...
  • Dinning
    Local delicacies Beef vermicelli People in Beihai love to have beef vermicelli and pork feet vermicelli as their breakfast. There are different types of beef vermicelli in Beihai, such as “pork feet vermicelli” and “Brisket vermicelli”. Among ...
  • Shopping
    Nanwan Seafood Market The market is located in Weizhou Island. Once you enter the market, you can see the villagers are selling the local food, fruit and seafood. The price of the seafood is quite fluctuated which depends on the season. If you don’...
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