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Local delicacies


Beef vermicelli

People in Beihai love to have beef vermicelli and pork feet vermicelli as their breakfast. There are different types of beef vermicelli in Beihai, such as “pork feet vermicelli” and “Brisket vermicelli”. Among all those popular vermicelli, if the soup of the vermicelli is boiled with “Shachong”(a kind of marine insect) and the pig bone, this cuisine can be more tasty.


Roll noodle

Roll noodle is a kind of traditional food in Guangxi and Guangdong region. If you want to try the authentic Guangxi roll noodle, you can easily find it in Beihai. People in Beihai tend to put pork meat, tree fungus inside a piece of noodle skin, which is transparent and thin. Alongside with some local sauce, the taste is incredible.



“Shuimiyi” is the traditional breakfast for Beihai people, which looks like a piece of cake. It is made by rice and different types of rice can affect the taste of “Shuimiyi”, such as glutinous rice can also be used during the production.



Due to the locational advantage, seafood in Beihai is very cheap and fresh, so you can see the fishermen carry their prey after the sunset. Some delicious seafood, such as Shachangchong, steamed sea oyster, tiger-fish soup and spicy fried shrimp are famous dishes.

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