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Xingdao Lake

Xingdao Lake is located in the northwest of Hepu County, 50 kilometers away from Beihai City. It is a comprehensive provincial tourist resort, integrating natural landscape and traditional architecture together. The 600-square-kilometer lake is shining with waves and the water is blue. There are 1,026 islands dotted in the lake, like the emerald and silver plates, and Xingdao Lake is named after that.
Xingdao Lake has a pleasant climate with a wide water surface and green mountains. The forests on the fascinated Xingdao Lake are green and lush. The combination of lakes, islands, mountains and forests forms a beautiful natural scenery. Xingdao Lake is also rich in the mineral resources.
Highlights of Xingdao Lake
There is a place called Shuihu City where the teleplay of the famous Chinese classical masterpiece-The Outlaws of the Marsh is filmed. The entire construction base of Shuihu City is about 11.7 hectares, dividing into two major scenic areas. The east scenic area has "horse racing road", "Liangshan Water Village", "Zhongyi Pavilion", "Duanjin pavilion", "Liangshan Village" and "Wutaishan Wenshu Monastery". The west scenic area includes the "Yongjinmen Gate Tower" and "Suhang Ancient Street". 
The gate of the "Liangshan Water Village" was built in the middle of the lake. The two banks of the lake were built as the barriers with thick tree stumps. The watch towers and arrow towers were built along the mountain. The horse racing roads built on the hillside are winding and rugged, leading to the "Zhongyi Pavilion".
There is a wide field in front of the hall, with a high flagpole standing in the middle and a yellow banner swaying in the wind. The wooden racks on both sides of the hall are lined with various ancient weapons, reflecting the fierce battlefield. Strolling in the Shuihu City, walking along the Suhang Ancient Street, people can feel like returning to the military struggle era in the Song Dynasty.

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