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Encore Dunhuang

"Encore Dunhuang" is a scene integration performance project and a large-scale real-life performing arts project. It is an important part of the construction of the Chinese Cultural Heritage and Innovation Zone. It has become another international tourist name card in Dunhuang after Mogao Grottoes, Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring.

The design inspiration of "Encore Dunhuang" theater comes from "a drop of water in the desert." The overall construction of the theater adopts a sunken structure, with “the surrounding desert” as the background. The main color of the outer facade is lake blue which fully reflects Dunhuang as an oasis in the vast desert along the ancient Silk Road.

The show "Encore Dunhuang" is performed in a "streamlined" space experience mode, guided by the idea of "traversing". It enables the audience to experience the performance of blending feelings and scenes. When tourists watch the play leisurely, it brings a real experience like never before, taking the audience through the stories thousand years ago.

After watching "Encore Dunhuang", you will feel that every character in the frescoes and statues of Mogao Grottoes has come alive. Throughout the thousand years, they were alive and lonely, trying to tell about their beauty. Tourists seem to see them coming along the ancient Silk Road again, in manners of Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties. The Silk Road once connected Asia, Africa, and Europe, which has continued for thousands of years. The show provides a chance to link people today with the ancestors, culture and the endless Chinese civilization.

The show assists to spread Dunhuang culture to every corner of the world.

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