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Dunhuang Folk Museum

The Dunhuang Folk Museum is located in the Crescent Lake Scenic Area of Dunhuang. It is a manor-style museum that displays the folk customs of the Northwest China. The Dunhuang Folk Museum covers an area of more than 4,300 square meters. It adopts the traditional castle-style building structure as well as the most popular courtyard pattern in the residential buildings in Dunhuang. The style is simple but elegant while the interior furnishings are various and delicate. The museum displays more than 20 thematic contents such as local folks, religious beliefs, seasons, clothing, food, sports, jade carving jewelry, traditional embroidery, etc., which reflect the lifestyle of the people on the Silk Road.

Construction Layout

The Dunhuang Folk Museum was voluntarily invested by 20 farmers from Yangjiaqiao Township. It was completed and opened to the public in September 1989. It is an important place for the tourists to learn the local lifestyle of the householder and the architectural style of Dunhuang. The Dunhuang Folk Museum uses the courtyard and the front yard to exhibit the local folk culture, religion, etiquette, food and accommodation, weddings and funerals ceremonies, sacrifices activities, farming, calligraphy and painting of celebrities, jade and jewelry, folk embroidery and other themes.

The folklore materials of Dunhuang have a long history. It has a special status in the history of China or even the world. Tourists could learn more about all aspects of ancient Dunhuang as well as its urban development via the excursion of this museum.

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