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Jinta Populus euphratica forest

Jinta Desert Populus Euphratica Forest is located in Chaohu forestry centre in the west of Jinta County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province. The populus euphratica forest is part of the Three-North Shelter Forest Eco-system.

The surrounding area is widely covered with Northwestern endemic tree species such as date palm trees, poplars and red willows. The Populus euphratica forests densely grow largely and well, ranking first in the Gansu province. In October at fall, the yellow leaves of the trees under the blue sky are so bright in the desert.

Located in the north of the middle section of the ancient Silk Road, the scenic area is 8 kilometers northwest of Jinta County. Covering an area of more than 80,000 acres, the whole scenic area is composed by five functional zones including Populus euphratica forest -Jinbo Lake Core tourist area, Elaeagnus angustifolia Forest area, Hanhai Red Willow Forest area, Desert entertainment area and Reed Maze area. The populus euphratica forest reaches over 10,000 acres, becoming the largest scale in Northwest China, which is of great ornamental value.

Jinbo Lake has rippling waves. Populus euphratica forest is dazzling. The flowers are fragrant. A wide variety of wild animals perches here. The sand of the lake beach is soft. Tourists could always fully enjoy the magnificent charming landscape of desert, appreciate the desert culture and explore the secret spots in a wild style. It is a tourist resort integrating ecological forestation, windbreak and sand fixation, catering, vacation, photography and sightseeing. It is reputed as the most beautiful place in autumn in Gansu Province.

Walking in the Populus euphratica forest is like entering a fairyland in myth. The dense trees have various postures and heights. The tall one reaches seven or eight feet high. The narrow and thin leaves of the young Populus euphratica is just like a girl’s eyebrow. Some people may mistake the young plants for willow trees. The mature ones’ leaves turn into egg or triangular shapes. In old age, the leaves turn to oval. What's more wonderful, one Populus euphratica may have several different shapes of leaves from the upper to the lower layers at the same time.

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