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Dunhuang Museum

Dunhuang Museum is a local three-storied museum for keeping cultural relics of Dunhuang area. A group of carved figures depicting people leading their camels as they travel along the Silk Road stands in front of the museum.


The exhibit which covers the period from primitive society to the end of the Qing Dynasty can be divided into three sections. The first section presents the written sutras from the No. 17 Cave of the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, like precious celebrity's writings and pictures, as well as ancient writings about the geography, weather and military affairs. The second section mainly shows unearthed cultural relics excavated from the graves in the Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, and Tang Dynasty. This section displays stone pagoda, pottery box and stone beast figure which was set in a grave. Kylin brick is a special kind of brick carved in high relief (a method of carving in which the design stands out from the flat surface) containing an incised inscription. A number of exhibits, illustrating Dunhuang’s profound culture, are main theme of the third section, including some exquisite silk floret brocade and bamboo slips used for writing along with iron and bronze tools and weapons.


The museum also exhibits relics excavated from the local area, such as paper, coins, and a model of the Great Wall as it appeared during the Han Dynasty.


There is a special room for the paintings and calligraphy work of well-known artists through the ages. It also holds priceless hand-copied books on ancient geography, military history and sutras written in the Tibetan language.


Location: on the East Yangguang Road, the downtown area of Dunhuang City

Transportation: Take no.3 mini-bus to the museum.

Ticket: Free

Opening hours: From May 1 to September 30: 08:30 – 18:30

From October 1 to next April 30: 09:00 – 18:00

It is closed on every Monday.

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