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Chijin Gorge Scenic Area

The Chijin Gorge Scenic Area is strategically located with convenient transportation, only 12 kilometers away from the 312 National Highway. The scenic area is situated 100 kilometers away from the Jiayuguan City. There are Jiuquan Aerospace City, Great Wall Jiayuguan, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, other important cities and ancient ruins of Silk Road along this national highway. The Chijin Gorge Scenic Area has become a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, leisure, entertainment and catering. Tourists could see the totally different regional landscapes in summer and autumn.

Main attractions

The main attractions of the scenic area include Yumen Pass, Hanging Dragon Spraying Water, Changhong lock Bridge, Longwang Pavilion, Zhaogong Ancestral Temple, 100-meter Water Curtain. Besides, tourists could also experience the interesting activities like rafting or speedboat on the river inside the attraction. There are also fountains, flower gardens, promenade and tree-lined avenues, adding charms of the scenic area.

In history, there were many ancient legends about the Chijin Gorge. It is said that once during a war, the troops used the water of Chijin Gorge to drown the invaders from ancient Turpan. The renowned poets such as Chen Fei of Ming Dynasty, Shen Qingya, Hong Liangji and Lin Zexu of Qing Dynasty ever wrote poets and articles highly praising the Chijin Gorge.

Special Festivals

There are two main festivals of Hui nationality in Chijin Gorge: one is Eid and the other is Curban Festival. Eid Festival is in September of Islamic calendar while Curban is in December of Islamic calendar annually. During these two festivals, each family must wear new clothes and gather in the mosque. Imam would preach the snippets of the Qur'an and then lead the crowds to worship. After the worship, they would exchange "Saran" as a special ceremony. Before the festival, every family needs to prepare a lot of food. There are more than ten kinds of colorful cuisines with oily incense. During the festival, relatives and friends pray blessings to each other.

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