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Zhongshan Bridge

Why is Zhongshan Bridge special­


As the first bridge over the Yellow River, Zhongshan Bridge is located west of Lanzhou Waterwheel Park and the east of Yellow River Mother Sculpture in Gansu Province. It is known as Iron Bridge.


The service life of Zhongshan Bridge expired in 1989. Other bridges are planned to replace the Zhongshan Bridge, but none can replace its great value in history or its great work over its 80 years. The Zhongshan Bridge is a historical symbol and a cultural relic in Lanzhou.


Zhongshan Bridge Highlights


Before Zhongshan Bridge was built, there were many floating bridges over the Yellow River. The floating bridges were made up of more than 20 ships, tied up by ropes and chains. It floated on the river in order to help people pass over, but it was neither solid nor safe enough. Used for over 500 years, the floating bridges were finally retired in 1909, when an iron bridge was built.


In 1907, under the proposal of local officers in Gansu and the help of a Germany businessman, the Qing Government began to build this first iron bridge over the upper reaches of the Yellow River. All materials, even the rivets, were transported from Germany using ships, trains, carts and other means. The bridge was completed in two years, and named Lanzhou Iron Bridge over the Yellow River. In 1942, to commemorate Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the bridge was re-named as Zhongshan Bridge, for Zhongshan is the Chinese name of this democratic forunner.

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