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Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street

Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street situates in the city center of Lanzhou. It is the core area of Lanzhou as a city symbol since the ancient times. With a history of over 100 years, it is known as the oldest and most cultural commercial street in Lanzhou, regarded as Wangfujing Street of Lanzhou.
History of Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street 
Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street has a long history with rich cultural heritages, which can be dated back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). At that time , it was the main avenue of Lanzhou city stretching from east to west.
During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), this road was also the only east-west avenue leading out of the city. Later, many architectures were built including City God Town, Dongyue Taoist Temple, Donghua Taoist Temple, Qingzhu Palace and Zhuangye Buddhist Temple.
During the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), Lanzhou’s economic and political position increased. Considering the military needs along the Hexi Corridor, Lanzhou became an important place to store and transfer food and straw. Then office and administration buildings, city hall, shops and factories were built along the road. 
In 1939, the road was under renovation for the first time when Lanzhou City was expanded. In 1941, it was identified as Zhonghua Road. In June 1958, it was renamed as Zhangye Road. In 2006, it was designated as a pedestrian street in Lanzhou by the local government.
Prosperous Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street
Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street now extends 600 meters from east to west. Along the pedestrian street, various shopping malls, stores, restaurants, coffee bars, antique markets are easy to find.  People can not only buy the international fashionable brands, but also find the traditional and old-fashioned goods. Time-honored stores including Du’s Dessert, Mazilu Beef Noodles, and Du Weicheng Grey Beans, are all nice places to try the local specialty. 
The City God Temple was built during the Song Dynasty, which locates at the west end of the street. The temple houses the largest Lanzhou Antique Market, where people can buy brilliant scripts, paintings and handicrafts. You will see the high and majestic Xiguan Mosque, which is one of the largest mosques in Lanzhou.

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