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Small West Lake Park

Small West Lake situates on the east side of the Qili River, between Xijindong Road and Binhezhong Road. It is known as one of the eight scenic spots in Lanzhou. The original Small West Lake was Prince Su’s Palace Garden of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), which was named as "West Garden". After experiencing several wars, in 1880, Governor Yang Changjun was dispatched from Zhejiang to Lanzhou, and he ordered to rebuild the garden. The West Garden was then renamed as Small West Lake.
Exquisite Small West Lake Park
In 1982, in order to restore the historical cultural sites and remain the urban green lands, the Lanzhou government designed the comprehensive recreational park, Small West Lake Park. In 1984, Small West Lake Park was formally opened.
The park has a total area of 224.26 acres, including 70 acres of water area, 85 acres of green land, and 25 acres of roads, squares and buildings. The construction of the park remains the layout of the original site and focuses on the traditional style of gardens in southern China. The park not only presents the style of northern cities, but also embodies the beauties of the water towns in the southern China.
The whole park has featured water landscapes. The big lake is divided into the east lake, the middle lake, the west lake and the lotus pond. The east side of the lake is a large area of lawn, with plant landscaping and large adjustable lanterns. The north area is for rest, with various flower attractions, such as rose flower wall and bud, chrysanthemum garden, bamboo forest, cypress forest and etc. Other spots such as ponds, bridges, Lanxiu Tower, Liuyin Pavilion, Cuiyi Pavilion, Xu Island and Luo Pavilion could be found in the park. 
The spring in Small West Lake Park is beautiful and bright. The spring wind is blowing while different flowers are blooming together. Bees and birds busily drill in the flowers to collect nectar and pistils from the bushes along the paths. In summer, boating on the lake and walking around the lake are the good ways for relax and appreciating the landscapes. People can see the Yellow ginkgo leaves in the golden autumn season. The weather is good and the air is fresh in fall. In winter, people can view the winter scenes especially the snow sceneries. 

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