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Jincheng Park

Lanzhou Jincheng Park is also named as “Xigu Park”. It was founded in August 1984, which has been the good place for leisure and entertainment in Xigu District for more than 30 years. It has witnessed the glorious development process in Lanzhou. In order to improve the environment of the park, the renovation work of Jincheng Park lasted for more than one year, costing more than 90 million RMB. On October 1, 2014, it was reopened with better infrastructures and more scenic spots. 
Renewed Jincheng Park
Jincheng Park covers for 14 hectares, which is one of the most beautiful parks in Lanzhou. The planning of Jincheng Park mainly takes the history and culture as the theme. It has the iconic antique buildings, such as General Li Xi Square and Jincheng Tower. The park is dotted with pavilions, corridors, towers and other antique buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties. In addition, different themes of gardens with modern recreational facilities are also set for people. Jincheng Park integrates the thick historical and cultural atmosphere of Xigu District, forming a new large-scale park for leisure, entertainment, fitness and ecological landscape.
A giant jade sculpture struck locates behind the Han-style gate of the park. The four large characters of "Jincheng Tangchi" carved with red lacquer are dazzling. 
Across the sculpture is the central square, with a huge statue of General Li Xi standing by the horse. The statue outlines the history of Lanzhou, guarded by General Li Xi Jincheng Tangchi more than 2,000 years ago. 
The Han-style Jincheng Tower stands behind the statue on the central of the park. There are huge couplets hanging on both sides of the tower’s gate. Two pier-type pavilions sit on the two sides of the gate, reflecting the magnificence of the city.
On both sides of the square, there are two large white marble reliefs: one tells the Ancient Silk Road and the other tells the Tangbo Ancient Road. The vivid caravan and the meandering route of the ancient Silk Road not only show the glories of Han and Tang dynasties, but also tell about the vicissitudes of Lanzhou in the past. 
The Peony Garden, artificial lakes and hills, musical fountains, and other promenade ornamental attractions bring more vigor and charm to the park. 

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