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Lanzhou Shopping Tips

What to buy


Tao Inkstone

Tao inkstone, which is one of the most four famous inkstones in China, is the green inkstone of Tao River for short. Tao inkstone is caved by Tao stones. Tao inkstone is beautiful and in good quality version. What is more, Tao inkstone is frequently given as gift among wealthy Chinese. The most interesting characteristic of the inkstone is that when its lid is on, the lines and patterns of the original stone merge with the lid line to give the impression that the stone is whole.


Self-Illuminating Cup

Self-illuminating Cup is one of the most famous specialties in Gansu Province. As early as 2,000 years ago, the Self-illuminating Cups are produced in Jiuquan. It is made of jade stone from Qilian Mountain. Some of the self-illuminating cups are white with yellow, while others are green. Different from other common cups, the self-illuminating cup is as thin as a piece of paper. The self-illuminating cup will illuminate at night. Actually, the cup cannot illuminate. It reflects the moonlight and looks like it is sending out mysterious colors. It is very beautiful.


Terrine products

Terrine products are made of clay. They have a history of 6,000 to 10,000 years. There are more than 20 categories of terrines, ranging from pot, to kettle to hotpot. The best ones are produced in Agan Town and Leitanhe. Gourmets in China say terrine can preserve the original flavor of food much better than metal wares and clay is more stable than metal without chemical reactions.



The most famous tea in Lanzhou, which is made up of the spring tea, longan, date, apricot, preserved fruits, wolfberry, walnut, sesame, dried raisins, etc.


Bailan Melon

Bailan Melon is a famous type of melon grown near Lanzhou which is sweet and fragrant. It should not be missed on your tip to Lanzhou. Bailan melon is light yellow, orange or white. The pulp of Bailan melon is light green or apricot yellow, both juicy and fragrant.


Where to buy


Guwan Zihua Cheng

Guwan Zihua Cheng is the city of antique and calligraphy and paintings. This archaized architecture houses around 80 shops, offering antiques, calligraphies, paintings, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink stone and paper), jade ware, jewelry, porcelain, copper ware, root carving, strange stones, old coins, stamps, etc. If you are interested in traditional things of China, just come here.


Guofang Department Store

Guofang Department Store, which is regarded as the “Shopping Paradise” of Lanzhou, is synonymous with tidal current and fashion. Guofang Department is situated on the central axis of Lanzhou City, very privileged position. The business area of Guofang Department Store is 80,000 square kilometers. The market share of Guofang Department Store occupies more than 50 percents of the whole city. You can buy many well-known brands of goods in this department store.

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