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Binhe Road Greenery Corridor

Binhe Road Greenery Corridor locates at the south bank of Yellow River. Binhe Road was designed by Lanzhou Urban Construction Department, with a total length of ten kilometers. Along the straight road, various kinds of trees and flower are planted. Therefore it was regarded as a greenery corridor by local people. It is a good place to have a leisure walk or ride and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Yellow River.
Attractions along the Binhe Road Greenery Corridor
Along the Binhe Road Greenery Corridor, people can enjoy a series of small scenic spots the Statue of Mother Yellow River, the Statue of the Pilgrimage to the West, Zhongshan Iron Bridge, White Pagoda Hill Park, Waterwheel Garden, etc. 
Yellow River Mother Sculpture is the landmark of the Greenery Corridor along the road. The sculpture locates at the middle of Binhe Road, which is 6 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, and 2.6 meters tall with the weight of over 40 tons. The Yellow River Mother Sculpture consists of a mother and a baby boy, which is decorated with patterns of ripples and fishes. It represents that people are growing sturdily under the nurturing of Yellow River. 
Green Hope is a sculpture group complex, locating 180 meters east of the Yellow River Mother Sculpture. It was built in 1987 whose fund was donated by more than 1.3 million young people in Gansu Province. Green Hope composes of three white-marble conical trees of 11 meters, 8 meters and 3 meters tall separately. It reflects Gansu people’s great efforts of greening especially tree planting. It also represents the vigorous growths of young people.
The sculpture group of the Ancient Silk Road locates at the south section of Binhe Road. An elder riding on the camel wears a cloak and looks far into the distance, followed by a camel team. The whole masterpiece is 6 meters high and 7 meters long, weighing more than 100 tons. It reflects the prosperity of the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty.
Wild Geese Sculpture in the Sandbank locates at the east section of Binhe Road. The sculpture consists of three steel wild geese of varying sizes, in an irregular shallow pond, spreading their wings. The overall sculpture uses the abstract art style, making it novel and chic.

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