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Lanzhou Yellow River Cable Car

Lanzhou is known as the "Capital of the Yellow River". The galloping Yellow River passes through the city, adding the unique and amazing views to the city. Yellow River Cable Car was open since August, 1994, with a length of 1,200 meters. The Yellow River Cable Car runs across the Yellow River, connecting the south and the north banks, which is known as the "First Cable Car of Yellow River".
About Yellow River Cable Car
The Yellow River Cable Car was completed and started operation since August 16, 1994. It is a single-line pulsating loop cable way. There are total 4 groups of the cable cars and each group has three cable cars connecting together. 6 people can sit in one cable car. The height difference between the stations reaches 157 meters. The two stations have a horizontal distance of 1,041 meters. The running speed of the cable car is 2-4 meters per second. 
The cable car connects the south bank with the White Pagoda Hill with the Yellow River on the north bank. The down station of the cable way is located in the middle of the Binhe Road Greenery Corridor. The Zhongshan Iron Bridge faces to the east; Baiyun Taoist Temple and Waterwheel Park sit in the west; the beautiful White Pagoda Mountain is located in the north. The upper station situates in the west of Peony Pavilion in the White Pagoda Mountain. People could see different scenery from each side. 
Taking the Yellow River Cable Car and flying over the turbulent Yellow River, people can have a panoramic view of the Yellow River and the city. The natural scenes and cultural landscapes are combined together, which attract countless people come here every year. Take the Yellow River Cable Car up to visit the White Pagoda Mountain, will free you from the hiking and have much more fun passing across the Yellow River.

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