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Liancheng Town

Liancheng Town locates 60 kilometers away from Yongdeng County. The town sits along the Datong River in the northwest of Lanzhou, near the border of Qinghai and Gansu provinces. In 2007, Liancheng Town was listed as the historical and cultural town in China. There are 370,000 acres of natural forests and mountains in the town, with an average elevation of 1,890 meters. The famous Tulugou National Forest Park, Miaoyin Park, and Lutusi Office Site are the main attractions in the town. 
Liancheng Town in history
Liancheng Town has a long history. As early as the Neolithic Period, some people used to live in this area. Liancheng Town was established during the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-8 AD), with a history of more than 2000 years. According to Han History, in 81 BC during the reign period of Emperor Zhaodi, Liancheng Town was under the jurisdiction of Haomen County. In 1116, during the North Song Dynasty (960-1127), Zhenwu Army settled down in Zhenwu City, which is the Liancheng Town nowadays. During the Ming Dynasty, the generations of Lu Family worked hard and ruled the area well. 
Today’s Liancheng Town
Liancheng Town was listed as a provincial tourist town in 1999. Later millions of the funds were used to complete the construction of the town, including the Tulugou Bridge, the Ring Road of the Tulugou Scenic Area, and repairing project of Lutusi Office Site. 
There are some stone cliffs, immense forests and deep valleys inside the town. Numerous rare animals can be found in the town, which could be described as a natural biological garden. Liancheng Town is rich in water resources. Situated along the Datong River, it is the secondary tributary of Yellow River, flowing for 42 kilometers with an average annual flow of 2.74 billion cubic meters. Liancheng Town is also rich in more than 20 kinds of the mineral resources, such as silica and limestone. Liancheng Town also developed the effective special industry, such as edible fungi planting. 

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