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Lanzhou Travel Overview

Lanzhou is the provincial capital of Gansu province. Covering an area of 14,620 square kilometers along the Yellow River, Lanzhou is the political, economic and educational center of Gansu province and a key transportation hinge in northwestern China. There are valleys, basins, hilly land and Huangtumao ditch and gully area in the city with Yellow River flowing through from east to west.

Lanzhou enjoys a time-honored history and is an important city along ancient Silk Road. Early back to 5000 years ago, peo...
  • How to Arrange Your Lanzhou Trip
  • Lanzhou Travel Season Tips
    Located inland, Lanzhou has a typical temperate, semi-arid continental monsoon climate with abundant sunshine and fewer rainfalls. Since Lanzhou is very dry, lip balm is necessary when you have a trip in Lanzhou. You’d better pack a warm coat in yo...
  • Transportation in Lanzhou Travel
    Airport Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport Zhongchuan Airport is target="_blank" title="China">China at the fringe of the Qing-Tibet Plateau. Most continental flights from Europe to Hong Kong have to fly over this airport due to Lanzhou's unique geograp...
  • Lanzhou Food
    The food in Lanzhou is quite unique compared to that of central China, having been influenced by ethnic groups - especially the Hui people. Besides the beef noodles, there are local delicacies that cannot be tasted in other places, as well as Sichua...
  • Lanzhou Shopping Tips
    What to buy Tao Inkstone Tao inkstone, which is target="_blank" title="China">China say terrine can preserve the original flavor of food much better than metal wares and clay is more stable than metal without chemical reactions. Sanpaotai The mo...
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