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Lanzhou Attractions

  • Tulugou National Forest Park

    Tulugou National Forest Park

    Tulugou National Forest Park locates in Yongdeng County, 140 kilometers away from Lanzhou. The park belongs to the eastern branch of Qilian Range, with the elevation ranging from 1998 to 3165 meters above sea level. The park has a total area of 5848.4 hectares with the forest coverage rate of 79.2%... Read more>>
  • Lu Tusi Office Site

    Lu Tusi Office Site

    Lu Tusi Office Site is located in Liancheng Town, 65 kilometers southwest of Yongdeng County, on the bank of Datong River in Lanzhou. It is a relatively well-preserved palace-style ancient building complex. Lu Tusi Office Site was the place where Lu Tusi, the local governor, worked and lived along ... Read more>>
  • Lanzhou Yellow River Cable Car

    Lanzhou Yellow River Cable Car

    Lanzhou is known as the "Capital of the Yellow River". The galloping Yellow River passes through the city, adding the unique and amazing views to the city. Yellow River Cable Car was open since August, 1994, with a length of 1,200 meters. The Yellow River Cable Car runs across the Yellow River, con... Read more>>
  • Dazhong Lane

    Dazhong Lane

    Dazhong Lane is one of the famous ancient food streets in Lanzhou, locating in Chengguan District near the Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street. Though the lane is not so wide, there are many century-old food stores which can be found along the street. Dazhong Lane has been an alley in the city since the... Read more>>
  • Small West Lake Park

    Small West Lake Park

    Small West Lake situates on the east side of the Qili River, between Xijindong Road and Binhezhong Road. It is known as one of the eight scenic spots in Lanzhou. The original Small West Lake was Prince Su’s Palace Garden of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), which was named as "West Garden". After experien... Read more>>
  • Liancheng Town

    Liancheng Town

    Liancheng Town locates 60 kilometers away from Yongdeng County. The town sits along the Datong River in the northwest of Lanzhou, near the border of Qinghai and Gansu provinces. In 2007, Liancheng Town was listed as the historical and cultural town in China. There are 370,000 acres of natural fores... Read more>>
  • Baiyun Taoist Temple

    Baiyun Taoist Temple

    Baiyun Taoist Temple locates at the south bank of Yellow River, near the Zhongshan Bridge in Lanzhou. Baiyun Taoist Temple is an important holy place for Taoists, which is also the official base of the Taoist Associations of Gansu. As one of three famous temples in Lanzhou, Baiyun Taoist Temple was... Read more>>
  • Qingcheng Ancient Town

    Qingcheng Ancient Town

    Qingcheng Ancient Town situates on the south bank of the Yellow River in Yuzhong County, Lanzhou. The town is 100 kilometers away from Lanzhou and is the only provincial-rated historical and cultural one in Lanzhou. With a history of nearly one thousand years, it is an important town along the Anci... Read more>>
  • Lanzhou Museum

    Lanzhou Museum

    Lanzhou Museum locates in Chengguan District of Lanzhou. As a local comprehensive museum, Lanzhou Museum was established in 1984, based on the original site of the Baiyi Temple of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It covers an area of 4,700 square meters, including the exhibition hall area of more than... Read more>>
  • Jincheng Park

    Jincheng Park

    Lanzhou Jincheng Park is also named as “Xigu Park”. It was founded in August 1984, which has been the good place for leisure and entertainment in Xigu District for more than 30 years. It has witnessed the glorious development process in Lanzhou. In order to improve the environment of the park, th... Read more>>
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