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Xiguan Mosque

Lanzhou Xiguan Mosque locates at Linxia Road in Lanzhou, which is also known as West Pass Mosque Lanzhou. It covers an area of 0.5 hectare, which is an important mosque in Lanzhou. Xiguan Mosque was originally built during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Later, the mosque experienced two big reconstructions in Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). The mosque was built combining Chinese architecture style and Islamic style, making it more solemn and authoritative. 
History of Xiguan Mosque
Xiguan Mosque was firstly built during the reign period of Emperor Yongle in Ming Dynasty. According to the history, it was rebuilt in 1684, during the reign period of Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. At the beginning of the Republic of China, more auxiliary facilities, such as pavement and bathing rooms in the courtyard, were added gradually. 
In April, 1983, the officers of local government, together with some Muslims, adopted the state funding and voluntary donations, to rebuild the mosque at the original site. Afterwards, it was reopened to Muslims.
In 1990, a dome of Arabic style was built on the original mosque, making the mosque looking more grandeur and exquisite. It has become one of the most magnificent mosques in China since then.
Structure of Xiguan Mosque
The total height of Xiguan Mosque is about 40 meters. The whole building was divided into four floors. Inside the mosque, there are worship hall, office rooms, lecture halls, dormitories, storage rooms, bathing rooms and a small chapel for women. There is a corridor platform on the fourth floor, where people can enjoy a panorama view of Lanzhou.
The main worshipping hall covers an area of 141 square meters, which can accommodate more than 3,000 people at the same time. The hall is tightly surrounded by 20 circular arches each in a height of 17 meters. It shows the unity of the Muslims of different nationalities. 
The basic color of the wall is white while the decorative patterns are green and blue. The whole mosque is exquisite in design and unique in shape. In 1992, it was rated as the “Top Ten Outstanding Buildings in Lanzhou”. 

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