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Lanzhou Yintan Wetland Park

Lanzhou Yintan Wetland Park locates in Anning District in Lanzhou. With the investment of 27 million RMB, this park is the first wetland park designated in Gansu Province. The park covers an area of 55 hectares, which is also the first wetland park along the Yellow River. Every scenic spot in the park is permeated with a humanized design concept, providing a space for people to get closer to the nature. 
Development history of Yintan Wetland Park
Before 1980, the banks of the Yellow River were rich in tideland resources. Later, due to the lack of management, blind development and illegal occupation, the environment of wetland were severely destroyed. 
In November, 2005, Lanzhou government decided to build the Yintan Wetland Park along the Yellow River, in order to protect the wetland and restore the ecological conditions. In May, 2007, the park was completed and started open to the public. It is now regarded as “Emerald along the Yellow River”.
Attractions in Yintan Wetland Park
The water views in the park are the core and the most attractive. The water network of Yintan Wetland Park is about 3000 meters long. The wetland landscape changes with the rise and ebb of the tide. Different seasons have different views. The 3000 meters of the waterway and 2000 meters of the boardwalk divide the park into several parts including 4 lakes. The wetland park has 22 bridges in various sizes, 9 thatched pavilions, over 10 kinds of birds and other animals, and over one hundred of plants.
The park has four functional areas, including ecological protection area, natural landscape restoration area, popular science education area, and leisure and tourism area. 
The ecological protection area has the theme of protecting the animals and plant resources in the Yellow River wetland areas, aiming to form a systematic living environment. The natural landscape restoration area is mainly based on restoring the natural wetland landscape along the Yellow River. Popular science education area focuses on the wetland ecological benefits and values, widely popularizing wetland protection knowledge.

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