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Chuanxi Bamboo Sea

Chuanxi Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot is located in the Pingle Ancient Town area of Qionglai City in the southwest of Chengdu City, 93 kilometers away from the central city of Chengdu. In the scenic spot, bamboo forests are dense and canyons are deep with fresh air. The air contains more than 2 million negative oxygen ions per cubic meter, with the highest oxygen content of about 19%, hundreds of times higher than that in Chengdu. The highest oxygen content makes it a renowned Natural Oxygen Bar in Chengdu.

There are natural canyons, natural bamboo forest area, ecological streams, golden rooster ancient bridge and other natural spots in the scenic spot. There are also newly-built artificial facilities like high-altitude cable cars and glass plank roads. Deep canyons, Nahan springs, Xiangsi cliffs, cliff dwellings, paper-making sites in the Song Dynasty, Dishui Cliff, Yuanqi Stone, Tianshu Waterfall and other sites are all engraved with traces of time.

Main attractions
Glass Walkway
Fairy Couple Bridge
Golden Rooster Bridge
Bamboo Forest
Rock Climbing Items

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