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Chengdu Shopping Tips

What to buy in Chengdu


Shu Brocade and Embroidery is one of the most popular local products of Chengdu. As early as the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Shu brocade was exported overseas to nearby countries like Japan and Persia. Shu Brocade features various colors and the unique craftsmanship for extracting colors from plants. The products look like Chinese ink and wash paintings embroidered on satins.


Chengdu lacquer ware gets renowned for the unique gloss. It has a history which could be dated back to the Spring and Autumn Period (475B.C.-221 B.C.). 72 procedures have to be done to produce lacquer ware. What makes it more precious is that, the roughcast must have been in storage for 30-40 years before being used to make lacquer ware.


Silver inlaid products and bamboo products also enjoy a sound reputation and reputed a treasure of Chengdu. Chengdu silver inlaid products made with silver threads measures no thicker than 3mm (0.1 inch) inlaid on silver background. Delicately shaped, the silver inlaid products appear on screens, tea wares and vases. An amazing technique that weaves bamboo around porcelain roughcast can found in Chengdu. You could get various bamboo products such as bamboo sticks, baskets and fans.


Local products including Chinese alcohol, tea are all popular among tourists. Wuliangye, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Quanxing Da Qu and Jiannanchun are all top-ranking alcohol brands. Jasmine tea, Maofeng tea, hot pickled mustard tuber, mix-flavored horse bean, Lao Cheng Du (Old Chengdu), Dengying (shadow) dried beef (so thin that light can shine through it), Liu Yang Gou dried beef can be great gifts for family friends.


Shopping areas


The city's shopping centers are grouped at Chunxi Road, Zongfu Road and Luomashi Area. Here you can find a huge range of wares, with everything from souvenirs and street stall items to supermarket and department stores goods on offer. With a history of 70 years, Chunxi Road boasts the most typical and prosperous commercial pedestrian street in the city. Department stores, boutiques, modern cafes, a spacious square and pretty local girls will leave you pleasant memory about Chunxi Road.


Where to buy Chengdu specialties:


Shu Brocade Factory

Address: No. 1, Caotang East Road


Sichuan Antiques Shop

Address: No. 6, Shaocheng Road, Shudu Avenue


Bamboo-weaving Arts and Crafts Factory

Address: No. 12, the 1st Section of Jiefang Road


Sichuan Arts and Crafts Store

Address: Sichuan Exhibition Hall, No. 16, Renmin Middle Road.

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