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Jiuyan Bridge

The current Jiuyan Bridge is a new steel frame and concrete bridge built in 1988 and the number of bridge opening exceeds 9. The ancient Jiuyan Bridge was originally built in the Ming Dynasty nearly more than 400 years ago. It was first called Hongji Bridge. At that time, Chengdu had three water transportation hubs, Jinjiang River, Jinhe River and Fu River. The shipping of the old Jiuyan Bridge was once very prosperous. Later, the new Jiuyan Bridge gradually replaced the old one and became the most prosperous labor market in Chengdu in the 1980s. In 1992, the old Jiuyan Bridge was dismantled.

Today, the new Jiuyan Bridge in the Chengdu citizens’ eyes is a large commercial and living area spanning the two banks of Jinjiang River from the Sichuan University to Zhimin Road based on its original location. Such a large zone possesses all aspects of commerce, life, tourism, culture, medical and health care.

Main attractions

Anshun Bridge
Anshun Bridge has a long history which could date back to the Yuan Dynasty. In Marco Polo's journeys in China, Anshun Bridge impressed him deeply. At night, when the lights on the bridge are turned on, there are always a group of photographers already gathering around to take pictures. The Hejiang Pavilion faces Anshun Bridge. When go up the pavilion to have a seat, you will feel cool wind blows gently at the water's surface and watch the bar street on the other bank of the river.

Sichuan University
Sichuan University has added a kind of cultural color to this area full of historical and ancient charm. The courtyard of the Sichuan University is also a popular attraction. The old-fashioned antique teaching buildings made of red brick and green tile is very suitable for shooting, which could be dated back to 1920s. Around the north gate and the east gate of Sichuan University, there are many street food and local snacks which tourists could eat from the beginning to the end of the street.

Bar Street
Only in Jiuyan Bridge area you can feel the true nature of Chengdu's nightlife. At this moment when the night falls, this area suddenly radiates its magic power. You are definitely not restrained here. There are many bars in the region, one next to the other. Lan Kwai Fong, Slow Shake Bar Street, Riverside Bar Street, Cape of Good Hope Square could be founded along the district. Lan Kwai Fong, located to the south of Shunjiang Road, is one of the best bars in the zone. Sometimes you are so lucky enough to meet many movie stars at the entrance.

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