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The Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Museum

Sichuan, being one of the provinces in China that has the most delicious food, always enjoys a huge reputation on its cuisine. The Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Museum is aiming to display and share the food culture of Sichuan and interact with visitors. Located at Gucheng Town in Pixian County west of Chengdu, the museum is a National 3A Tourist Attraction and a Third Grade National Museum. Covering an area of over 25,000 square meters, it spent nearly one hundred million RMB of investment. The museum collects thousands of exhibits, and is the only cuisine-themed museum in the world. It mainly consists of Classic Collection Hall, Interactive Demonstration Hall, Kitchen God Ancestral Temple, Tea Service and Leisure Hall, and Sichuan Cuisine Raw Material Processing Tools Exhibition Area.


The Classic Collection Hall exhibits Sichuan cuisine culture by cultural relics, ancient books, records, and pictures. Viewers can learn about the origin, evolution, development, and formation of Sichuan cuisine culture. The Interactive Demonstration Hall shows the cutting skill, duration and degree of heating, and cooking process of dishes, which are all core contents of Sichuan cuisine. These contents are dynamic, experience-based and artistic and can only be displayed by means of demonstration. You may even participate in the interaction, personally experiencing the fragrance and taste of Sichuan cuisine by nose and mouth.


Dinner is always accompanied by tea in Sichuan. Being an undividable part of Sichuan cuisine culture, Tea culture is integrated with banquet, entertainment and leisure here. Sichuan people drink tea in different ways, and in here, the Tea Service and Leisure Hall, you are given a great chance to experience them all. Kitchen God is always believed by Sichuan folk customs. In folklore, Kitchen God is responsible for putting in good words for people to The Jade Emperor and guaranteeing people`s safety. When offering sacrifice to Kitchen God, people will understand how difficult it is to grow rice and vegetables. Thus people will cherish their life and live peacefully.

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