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Chengdu Attractions

  • Xiling Snow Mountain

    Xiling Snow Mountain

    Xiling Snow Mountain, located in Dayi County, Sichuan Province, is only 95 kilometers away from Chengdu City and has a total area of 483 square kilometers. It is a habitat of the giant pandas as well as a national forest park. The Big Snow Pond, the highest peak in the scenic area, is 5,364 meters... Read more>>
  • Pingle Ancient Town

    Pingle Ancient Town

    Pingle Ancient Town is located 93 kilometers southwest of Chengdu city in Sichuan province. It is a famous historical and cultural town in China. The old banyan tree, the Baimo River, traditional stilt houses built along the river, the streets paved with blue stones, and the endless bamboo sea in P... Read more>>
  • Chuanxi Bamboo Sea

    Chuanxi Bamboo Sea

    Chuanxi Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot is located in the Pingle Ancient Town area of Qionglai City in the southwest of Chengdu City, 93 kilometers away from the central city of Chengdu. In the scenic spot, bamboo forests are dense and canyons are deep with fresh air. The air contains more than 2 million ne... Read more>>
  • Huanglongxi Ancient Town

    Huanglongxi Ancient Town

    Huanglongxi Ancient Town is located at the southwest edge of Shuangliu District, 42km away from Chengdu city center. It is an ancient water town in western Sichuan with beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritages. Huanglongxi can be traced back to the eastern Han Dynasty (AD 219). During the per... Read more>>
  • Munigou Valley

    Munigou Valley

    Munigou Valley is located in Songpan County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is more than 300 kilometers away from Chengdu. The valley covers an area of 160 square kilometers. Its highest elevation reaches 4070 meters. It has charming natural scenery, rich ethnic c... Read more>>
  • Sichuan Museum

    Sichuan Museum

    Established in 1941, Sichuan Museum is located in Huanhua Stream Park in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It is the largest comprehensive museum in southwestern China and occupies an important position in national public museums. Sichuan Museum currently has more than 260,000 cultural relics in its ... Read more>>
  • Jiezi Ancient Town

    Jiezi Ancient Town

    Jiezi ancient town is 50km away from Chengdu, located at the foot of Fengqi Mountain, 25km northwest of Chongzhou city. The ancient town is adjacent to the back of Qingcheng Mountain and surrounded by mountains and water. The green mountains stretch over each other with continuously clear water all... Read more>>
  • Tianfu Square

    Tianfu Square

    Tianfu Square is located in the city heart of Chengdu. Its form and status are similar as the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Tianfu Square covers an area of 88,000 square meters and is rectangular in shape with a length-to-width ratio of about 1.5:1. The ground is paved with light-colored granite str... Read more>>
  • Jiuyan Bridge

    Jiuyan Bridge

    The current Jiuyan Bridge is a new steel frame and concrete bridge built in 1988 and the number of bridge opening exceeds 9. The ancient Jiuyan Bridge was originally built in the Ming Dynasty nearly more than 400 years ago. It was first called Hongji Bridge. At that time, Chengdu had three water tr... Read more>>
  • Daci Temple

    Daci Temple

    Daci Temple was built between the 3rd and 4th century. Originally founded in Wei and Jin Dynasties, it flourished in Tang and Song Dynasties. The large-scale temple has a long history with profound culture and a large number of eminent monks. In 622 AD, the reputed monk Xuan Zang reached the age of... Read more>>
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