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Daci Temple

Daci Temple was built between the 3rd and 4th century. Originally founded in Wei and Jin Dynasties, it flourished in Tang and Song Dynasties. The large-scale temple has a long history with profound culture and a large number of eminent monks. In 622 AD, the reputed monk Xuan Zang reached the age of 20 and formally received the commandment ceremony in this temple.

Daci Temple has experienced the rise and fall over the centuries. It also had been destroyed by fire and wars many times. The existing temples were rebuilt successively in the reign of Qing Dynasty. Daci Temple in Tang and Song Dynasties used to be the center of Buddhist academic exchange programs among China, South Korea and Japan. The temples include the Heavenly King, Guanyin and Mahathir's temples, the Dharma Hall and the Sutra Collection Building. The Hall of Ceremony and Sutra Collection Building are both magnificent with gorge stones pillars. The each of the magnificent hall contains a deep courtyard with towering ancient trees.

The stone plaque of the Daci Temple which travelers could see when entering the gate has a long history. It was carved in 1886 and became a treasure in the temple. Besides, the most distinctive and influential cultural relics of Daci Temple are the paintings and bronze Buddha sculptures. In history, calligraphy and painting relics and Buddha statues in Daci Temple have an important influence on Buddhist culture in China. Daci Temple is an extremely precious and rare treasure house of art.

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