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Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain, located in Dayi County, Sichuan Province, is only 95 kilometers away from Chengdu City and has a total area of 483 square kilometers. It is a habitat of the giant pandas as well as a national forest park.

The Big Snow Pond, the highest peak in the scenic area, is 5,364 meters above sea level. It is the only peak in Chengdu with persistent snow all the year round. Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, praised the scene of the snow mountain and wrote the eternal "quatrain" "My window frames the snow-crowned western mountain scene; my door oft bids farewell to eastward-going ships ". Thus, Xiling Snow Mountain got its name.

Xiling Snow Mountain belongs to a three-dimensional temperature zone, and has now formed a four-season tourism pattern: enjoy azaleas in spring, the coolest resort in summer, red leaves in autumn and skiing in winter. The scenic spot is rich in tourism resources with unique advantages. There are unpredictable natural landscapes such as the Cloud Sea, sunrise, forest, yin and yang boundary and etc. Vast primitive forests, countless exotic flowers and grasses, rare birds and animals, and constant torrent or waterfalls all year round make it a spectacular, mysterious and peculiar attraction popular among the travelers.

Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into front mountain and back mountain. Front mountain is about 18 kilometers long and suitable for hiking.  Along the way there is frog pond, colorful waterfalls and a blue lake, which is quite beautiful. There is beautiful skiing resort in the back mountain. In summer, the tress on the mountains and grasslands are very charming under the clear clouds. In winter, the ski resort is wrapped in silver, white and charming.

Main attractions
Panda Woods
Yin Yang Boundary
Du Fu Pavilion
Sun and Moon Platform
Red Stone Peak
China’s Longest Cable Line in Skiing Resort
Five-colored Waterfall

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