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Jiezi Ancient Town

Jiezi ancient town is 50km away from Chengdu, located at the foot of Fengqi Mountain, 25km northwest of Chongzhou city. The ancient town is adjacent to the back of Qingcheng Mountain and surrounded by mountains and water. The green mountains stretch over each other with continuously clear water all the year round. Therefore, it has the name of "western Sichuan watery region". The Fengqi Mountain Scenic Area, where Jiezi Ancient Town is located, has primeval forest, ancient randias, cypresses, Chinese fir, ancient gingko and towering trees blocking out the sun. In the middle of the mountain there are 32 temples and other historic sites centered on the Guangyan Buhdda Hall, integrating natural and cultural landscapes.

In the ancient town, there are small attractions including ancient temples of Jin dynasty- Guangyan Buhdda Hall, Fengqi mountain scenic spot, virgin forest, age-old ginkgo trees, ancient pagoda of Qing dynasty, a street built in late Qing dynasty, the site of Wang Xiaobo (a famous hero of Song Dynasty) uprising, the former residence of Tang Qiu (a poet of Tang dynasty), and more than cultural and historic sites in the town.

Jiezi Ancient Town is a good combination of beautiful scenery and historic culture. It is an ideal place that tourists can learn nature and history for a half-day tour.

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